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My Guitar Friend

My Guitar Friend

The E-Book Series.

Unleash your potential with My Guitar Friend! Dive into a comprehensive series of four E-books, complete with audio examples and Jam Tracks, designed to demystify guitar playing and ignite your creativity. Whether you're a beginner or looking to master new skills, My Guitar Friend covers essential aspects of guitar playing:

1. Technique Builder For Beginner
2. Unlocking the Fretboard with the CAGED System
3. Mastering Rhythm Guitar 
4. Applying Practical Music Theory 


Explore each guide to expand your musical horizons and elevate your guitar playing to new heights. Let My Guitar Friend be your companion as you begin your journey to guitar mastery. 

Course Curriculum


Master techniques guaranteed to progress your playing. We'll start by getting to know the guitar, then deep dive into both rhythm and lead guitar techniques to help you grow a new sense of confidence and mastery of your instrument. 

The E-book includes over 40 exercises coupled with audio examples and jam tracks.


Ever look at the fretboard and feel lost? The CAGED system is a method used by music schools and professionals alike to navigate the fretboard. In essence, it acts as an easy to understand road map. By combining chords with scales, this system helps you play freely across the neck. Expand your knowledge of chords and scales, as you break free of barriers with this comprehensive guide to The CAGED system. 

Includes over 100 exercises, coupled with audio examples and jam tracks. 


Music theory has a bad rep. Its often thought of as boring, sterile, certainly not a conduit for creativity. The truth is as guitarists, a grasp of theory is an invaluable asset in our journey towards guitar mastery. This E-book offers a practical, hands on approach, the benefits of which we can immediately integrate into our playing. If you've ever been curious about chords, stuck on scales, want to understand the number system but don't know where to start, then this E-book is for you. Through studying this guide you will soon discover that a good grasp of music theory concepts opens up a wealth of possibility both practically and creatively.

Includes over 70 exercises, coupled with audio examples.


Rhythm forms the corner stone of guitar playing. A solid comprehension of its principles and techniques can be one of the most valuable tools for us to posses.  As you are guided through the fundamentals of rhythm guitar you'll find exercises that will help develop your understanding of a variety of rhythms, beat placement and counting as well as strengthen and develop your internal rhythmic clock. In addition, this book examines techniques that will elevate your rhythm guitar performance. These techniques encompass chord embellishments, interval usage, triad inversions, muting, and other expressive tools. 

Includes over 70 exercises, coupled with audio examples.