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Kelly Appleton - songwriting, lyrics, arrangement & production

Featuring - The Pearl Harts 

In Body delves into the core of women's insecurities, exploring how these vulnerabilities have been exploited through advertising over the years to sell products by preying on women's doubts. Serving as a protest song, it carries the resounding slogan, "I want more than my body," echoing the defiant voices of women who have grown weary of being defined solely by their outward appearance.


The aim of In Body is to ignite thought-provoking conversations through both its lyrical and visual content. The composition portrays the band metaphorically caged by real-life sexist advertising slogans spanning various eras. This artistic choice serves to make a poignant statement about how women are systematically conditioned by society to harbor self-doubt about their identity and the inherent value they bring.


The visual depiction of the band ensnared by these slogans serves as a powerful metaphor, symbolizing the constraints imposed by external influences on women's self-perception.  As the composition progresses, the band breaking free from the confines of sexist advertising slogans becomes a transformative moment, symbolizing the reclaiming of control and autonomy. This artistic choice reflects a narrative of empowerment, resilience, and liberation from the constraints that society has historically imposed on women. The shattered structure becomes a metaphor for breaking through the barriers of ingrained stereotypes, offering a visual metaphor of defiance against limiting expectations.


By visually depicting the act of breaking free, In Body reinforces a message of strength and agency, encouraging women to challenge societal norms that seek to define and confine them. The symbolism captures the essence of taking control over one's narrative and redefining the expectations placed on women.’’’ Beyond being an emotional anthem addressing insecurities and the journey towards authenticity, In Body serves as a potent metaphor for a woman's role in the music industry. The industry often subjects women to oversexualization, typecasting, and even dismissal based on their appearance. The song aims to strike a chord at the very heart of a woman's intrinsic worth, both personally and professionally. It serves as a powerful commentary on the challenges women face, not just in confronting societal expectations but also in establishing their place and asserting their significance within the music industry.


Through this and its defying chant “I’m not any bodies” In Body becomes a rallying cry for women, urging them to break free from societal norms and embrace their authenticity. It carries the weight of a larger narrative, challenging the status quo and advocating for a redefinition of a woman's worth, both in her personal identity and her professional pursuits within the music industry. Through it we contribute to the ongoing dialogue about the empowerment of women, challenging stereotypes, and reshaping the narrative for a more inclusive and equitable industry.

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