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Songwriting & Releases

 Over the years, I’ve built a career as a guitarist in the live sector of the music industry. Touring extensively around the world, and performing with major label artists, has facilitated in my growth as a musician & allowed me an in-depth understanding of the industry. However, my roots lie in writing and recording music and over the last 3 years I found myself returning to them as I seek to transition out of the live music industry and further into songwriting & production. 

In 2020 as Covid brought the live industry to a standstill, I focused on studying Music Production & building a body of original songs, completing a Mixing & Music Production course at Goldsmith University.

Towards the end of 2022, I underwent a focused period of development funded by the Arts Council's Develop Your Creative Practice Fund. In it, I undertook works that would develop my songwriting & music production practice. The process resulted in the below work "Lose My Head". Through it, I grew my skill sets, strengthened my networks and built new teams. 

I started my career in Londons DIY music scene, writing and performing with several bands provided an outlet to hone my musical style.  The video Don't Know What To Do With You - demonstrates one of my formative works with the band "The Mentalists" .

Lose My Head

Lyrics, music, production & arranging by Kelly Appleton

Audio recorded at Small Pond Studios

Video by Digital Film Makers

Vocal performance JJ Rosa

Drums Sara Leigh Shaw

Bass Sara Farina 

To be released summer 2023

Don't Know What To Do With You

Lyrics and music by:

Kelly Appleton

Kim Leigh Pontin

Alice Offley 

Lyndsay Evans

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